1. 50th & 1st

From the recording 50th & 1st

Ever wanted to know what goes into creating a song? Well this is your chance to hear how rough the projects sound at the very beginning. This is a song that Sean was commisioned to write by Mack Price w/ Big Brain Music, LLC. & re-Think All Media for the theme song idea that they came up with for The Home Interiors Corporation for 2007. Mack came up with a rock-opera style music platform and Sean went to work on the lyrics and vocal tracks....within a few hours and several tracks later, this was the first draft that they submitted to the companies. Both companies loved it, so it went to the stage! Sean performed this tune "live" for the event, accompanied by an 80 voice choir, a 20 piece orchestra, a 7 piece rock band, a 5 voice pop choir and 3 members of the Russian Cirque De Soliel Team! The Home Interiors Corporation adopted it as there theme for the 2007 Seminar and it was a hit. So take a listen to the rough track and be privy to the unfinished product.......


Lyrics will be posted soon.......lots of typing!