~ LATEST NEWS / 1st Quarter, 2020 ~

Sean Mitchell is an award winning, American Singer/Songwriter & a major voice in the commercial industry for television & radio.

Sean is the most recorded male voice in Texas.

Please check out his (Info/Resume) section for a detailed listing of the commercials that he has done.

You can also hear many of them, by clicking on the (Music/Listen) section!

Sean has also, within recent years, launched his new music production company "Sean Mitchell Productions, LLC." (Dba "Big City Music Revue")

The majority of the long standing history of band members & singers were assembled once again, along with some fresh faces, and re-branded as "Sean Mitchell & Big City Music Revue."

Regular nostalgic concerts, featuring the music of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, Classic & Modern Country, Gospel, Traditional & Contemporary Worship, Patriotic & Holiday themes, can be heard on a regular basis, with Sean leading the pack!

Check back for dates and times for upcoming shows and tours!

Over the years, it has been the choice of, international market leaders such as, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, The Dallas Cowboys, The Washington Redskins, The Kansas City Chiefs, CNN, Pilgrim's Pride, Dairy Queen/Texas and Texas Motor Speedway as well as dozens of other companies, to implement and retain the vocal talents of Sean Mitchell in order to enhance their advertising efforts.

Sean Mitchell is not only an established vocal talent in the "Commercial" market for television & radio, he is a recognized & award winning song writer as well.

Vocals and song writing aside, Sean also produces, arranges, composes, and delivers power-packed performances for a wide variety of events held around the world. He tours throughout the U.S., Mexico, Thailand, Ukraine, Romania, Costa Rica & Panama!

Sean is an established voice in the Christian community, incorporating a worshipful blend of heart, charisma and true passion for the gospel message on stage, as well as in his studio releases.

We want to extend our thanks for the time that you will spend getting to know Sean throughout the pages of this site and continuing to spread the news of Sean's passions and professionalism for music with your friends!

You can purchase Sean's C.D.'s, download, or stream within this site or download it from iTUNES or C.D. Baby, as well as a host of other download or streaming providers! (Full length albums or singles.)

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~ Staff @ Sean Mitchell Productions, LLC