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Sean Mitchell: pics

Corporate Show Gallery

Sean singing in Nashville, Tennessee @ The Opryland Hotel.....January, 2008
Backstage.....Showtime! On a gig in Denver, Colorado
Hangin' out in rehearsals with various singers & dancers @ a show in Denver
Backstage with Misti Vara
Sean singing in Nashville, Tennessee......close up shot....January, 2008
Benita Arterberry & Sean.......Backstage @ a show they performed in together
Sean performing the National Anthem at the Texas Republican Convention in Houston, Texas.....2008
Me, as a door.....and Colleen as a house....on a gig in Minneapolis.....the most painful costume ever....

Album Covers

The New Album Cover Photo
Back Cover Pic of New Album
Cover for the latest single release......Unborn Cry
Back Cover for the Unborn Cry Project
Sean's 1st Album Cover

Photo Shoot Gallery

Sean / album cover option
Sean laughing @ photo shoot / we kept it for the album
Sean & of the photos for the album
Sean & his son Brayton.....just being cool
album pic option / Dallas photo shoot
doing what the photographer says.......Kevin Lofgren's a genius!
Sean in a of the photos for the album
final album cover photo / before filtering process
album photo for disc tray / Hourglass Ministries Inc.
Kishla & Brayton......Takin' a break @ the photo shoot ( Sean included this for the album....Surprise! )

Studio & Album Gallery

Luminous Sound Studios / Dallas, Texas.....Sean records commercials @ this studio on a regular basis....Luminous was also the studio that Sean chose for recording some of the drum tracks on "The Album" project, as well as most of the final mixing.....
Don Dorsey, Dan Wojciechowski & the studio, recording drum tracks for the album......"A Different Kind of Worship"
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