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Sean Mitchell: links

Big City Music Revue
"Big City Music Revue" is the latest musical venture for Sean Mitchell. Click on the link to find out about this "Concert Production" company launched in February of 2014 at the historic Granbury Live Theater, in Granbury, Texas! Sold Out LIVE concerts can be seen on a regular basis, with Sean leading the pack! Get your tickets while you can!
Starbucks Coffee! One of Sean's guilty pleasures...
Sean performs at many Starbucks locations for thier Friends and Family Grand Openings, Holiday Cheer Parties or just kickin' back and jammin'.... Check out the's pretty cool.
Big Brain Music
Wow....what can we say....we want to make it clearly known to the public that Mack has been an incredible friend to Sean and is actually the one that opened up the initial door for Sean to get started in the commercial biz. This is a pretty cool site no matter what your tastes in music are.....Sean is featured in this site on several different forums... Take a look around and let us know how you like it!
Luminous Sound Studios
What an incredible team of pros! This is the studio that Sean does most of his commercial work with. This site is super clean and has a lot of info available for any recording that you might want to do......check it'll love it.
Stephen Arnold Music
Great site....Sean works with this producer quite a bit, which he met through Mack Price. Sean is featured within the site on some of the commercial areas. It's a pretty large get ready to stay awhile....enjoy!