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Sean Mitchell: biography

- Exhaustive Biography

I am very blessed to be able to do what I do.
God has given me a platform in life to be able to provide for my family by placing me in the music industry. I have a longing to influence "influencers" within this industry because "influencers" touch a lot of people's lives.

Someone influenced Bach, but someone also influenced Hitler. The influence we allow into our lives is monumentally important. I have had the opportunity to speak and sing into thousands of people's lives but my track record is riddled with defeat as well as victory........As you read this bio, I want to encourage you, challenge you and shake you as well as inform you about "who" I am.

If you get up from your chair, "thinking"..... instead of just learning a little bit about some guy who sings......then we've accomplished something together. Because ultimately, as you get to know me.....I really want you to see why I am.....who I am. I want you to be influenced.

I was born in 1972 in Dallas, Texas. I was born into a poor family by society's standards....... and it was all about to get worse.
My father was murdered before I saw my 2nd birthday and consequently, I grew up without a father. There were "father figures" at times but no one to come in and save the day. This very thing has been the reason behind many destructive patterns of behavior in my life.
I have since learned the value of being a father to my son, Brayton.
I made a concious choice one night, that I would not set in motion a pattern that would set him up for failure in life, by saying "yes" to being a real father and not just another man in his life that he might or might not be able to count on from time to time. Believe it or not, that night, I was at a crossroads in my life and it was one of the hardest choices that I have ever made. God has honored my family because of making that choice, and it is why my heart pours out to you, instead of just writing a Bio.
I grew up in many states across the country and ventured out in life early because of a strained relationship with my mother, and a pattern of bad choices. I married at 17 years old and began to pound out an existence for myself at the expense of good people around me......and still all the while, I didn't care about making my relationship right with my mother.
I had been singing all of my life in churches of all different types of charismatic backgrounds and knew in my heart that I wanted to pursue a valid career in music but I ventured into the secular side of the industry because I felt like most people in church were hypocrites and I felt like I could make more money and be established quicker in the secular arena......

Within a very short time, I began to climb a pretty quick ladder of success in Country Music.......little did I know, it was not going to be as easy as it seemed.

( continued as soon as possible....
posted as of October, 2016 )